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Starting using Ivyn
I have a problem downloading the app

You may be located in a country where this product is not available, you may sign up using your computer and check your VPN.

I didn’t receive the OTP

You may try again or contact our support at support@ivyn.com letting us know your provider.

What is the security code?

It’s the code you will be asked to input every time you execute a transfer or an exchange, we warmly recommend to keep it in a very secure place and you may personalise it in the profile section.

I didn’t receive my BTC or ETH into my hot wallet

You may first check with the sender or contact us at support@ivyn.com mailing us the sender address.

Can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies on Ivyn platform?

This service is not yet available (coming soon).

Prepaid Crypto Card
What is the Crypto prepaid card?

It’s our exclusive product which allows instant payments in cryptocurrencies.