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Starting to use Ivyn
How does it work?
  1. Go on the website www.ivyn.com and enter your mobile number

    → link is sent via SMS to download IVYN Digital Currency mobile application or scan the QR code

  2. Sign up/Register
    • Name, Surname, e-mail

    → verification code (OTP) is sent to e-mail address

    • Date of birth, Country of residence, mobile number, password (Example12$%)

    → security code (OTP – expires in 5 minutes) is sent to mobile

  3. Basic wallet and Crypto prepaid are now unlocked. →Top up your Crypto prepaid from your Basic wallet and start to spend your crypto instantly.
  4. Your limit is set up to the equivalent of  €150
  5. Click on profile and verify identity, address (to set your limit to unlimited)
  • Name, Surname, Gender, Date of birth, nationality
  • Residential address: city, address, postal code, country

Documents to upload:

  • Passport/ ID Card/ Driving License AND
  • Proof of address (utility bill/ bank statement/ proof of residence – NO MOBILE BILLS ARE ACCEPTED!)

→ secure code is sent (to complete a transaction or log in by clicking ‘remember me’)


  • Personalize your Security code by clicking on your Profile section and Security
  • Print the QR code of your crypto prepaid and stick it at the back of your mobile for getting paid quickly. You can find it in the web version of Ivyn Digital Currency under Receive.
  • Check your statement to follow up your transactions
I have a problem downloading the app

You may be located in a country where this product is not available, you may sign up using your computer and check your VPN.

I didn’t receive the OTP

You may try again or contact our support at support@ivyn.com letting us know your provider.

What is the security code?

It’s the code you will be asked to input every time you execute a transfer or an exchange, we warmly recommend to keep it in a very secure place and you may personalise it in the profile section.

I didn’t receive my BTC or ETH into my hot wallet

You may first check with the sender or contact us at support@ivyn.com mailing us the sender address.

Can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies on Ivyn platform?

This service is not yet available (coming soon).

Prepaid Crypto Card
What is the Crypto prepaid card?

It’s our exclusive product which allows instant payments in cryptocurrencies.