Easily check your basic wallets and prepaid crypto wallet (prepaid crypto card). Monitor your list of transactions from your PC or tablet.Exchange BTC and ETH, top up your prepaid crypto, send and receive BTC and ETH, pay at shops, restaurants…

Keep control of your spending, follow up your transactions by checking your statement. Use your referral link to invite your friends and print your prepaid crypto QR Code. Personalise your security code.


Instant BTC and ETH Transfers

Transfer BTC and ETH to other users instantly.


Virtual Prepaid Crypto Card

Top up your virtual prepaid crypto card and make instant payments with the QR code to any of our affiliated shops or spend your BTC and ETH with our integrated on line merchants.


Multi Crypto Currency Wallet

The Multi Crypto Currency Wallet enables you to manage several cryptocurrencies in a single account.


Wallet Recovery System

Ivyn Digital Currency provides a Security Centre Support, which helps users to protect their funds from unauthorised access and finally to recover their wallets in case the users lose their credentials.


Cryptocurrencies Exchange

Users can exchange their BTC in ETH and vice versa.

Download the Ivyn App from the Google store or the App Store.