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Expand your business by accepting cryptocurrencies and join the Blockchain revolution! If you are an entrepreneur, a professional or a shop owner why don't increase your customer base starting to accept Bitcoin and Ether via our instant payment solution? Our platform is perfect also for accounting purpose. Are you in the E-commerce business? We have API's for seamless integration with our platform! Get in touch with us and open your business to those millions of people holding crypto around the world!

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Discover the benefits of Ivyn Digital Currency for:

Easy just like using FIAT currency
Instant BTC/ETH deposits and transfers

Ivyn Digital Currency API assists any merchant providing online services to efficiently integrate cryptocurrencies.

It is about accepting a new currency, just like any other currency.

Merchants can easily reconcile transactions. Pay in and pay out are instant and always in BTC or ETH.

Merchant and individuals decide if and when to convert crypto in FIAT through our platform or any external exchange of your choice.

Easy just like using FIAT currency
Instant payment in BTC/ETH

Once registered you just need to show your Speedy Wallet QR code to your clients, and receive payments in BTC and ETH instantly!

Pay using cryptocurrencies. Easy.

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Get payments in cryptocurrencies. Easy.

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